Halitosis Treatment in San Mateo, CA

Halitosis Treatment in San Mateo, CA

Bad breath can easily turn others off. Be it your friends, spouse, manager, or even a friend. A study has proved that almost fifty percent of the population suffers from bad breath. Most of them aren’t even aware of the condition. Halitosis is otherwise known as chronic bad breath. This condition is an adverse stage of bad breath that mouthwashes or routine brushes cannot solve.

What causes Halitosis?

There are numerous causes of bad breath. The primary cause of bad breath is due to improper and irregular oral hygiene routine. Other supporting factors are the use of pills, exercises, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.

We have listed out a few major causes of Halitosis.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene:- Poor oral hygiene is the most common cause of bad breath. Improper flossing of the mouth can populate dead and dying cells from food particles that are still remaining in the mouth. As these cells decay, a pungent smell gets released from it that causes bad breath in the mouth.
  • Gum disease:- Periodontal disease or gum disease causes bad breath and an unpleasant taste inside the mouth. Gum disease is caused by the prolonged accumulation of bacteria in between the gums and teeth. Bacteria itself is a supporting factor in bad breath.
  • Dry mouth:– Dry mouth is also a contributing factor to bad breath. Xerostomia, also known as bad breath is caused due to decreased salivary flow.
  • Smoking:– Smoking leads to bad breath. It also increases staining of the teeth. This also decreases the patient's ability to properly taste food.
  • Chronic health conditions:– Chronic health conditions such as chronic sinusitis, respiratory tract infection, diabetes, liver and kidney problems, gastrointestinal discomfort can also lead to bad breath.

How can we treat Halitosis?

The method of treating Halitosis lies in properly diagnosing the cause of the condition. In case the cause is a gum disease, the patient will be advised to start treatment for the disease. Different causes for bad breath requires a different approach to treatment. Maintaining good oral hygiene can help to prevent severe stages of bad breath. We advise regular brushing and flossing routines to bring the condition under control.

Bad breath can be controlled by following a few tips.

  • Regular brushing and flossing.
  • Avoiding tobacco usage.
  • Keeping yourself hydrated.
  • A balanced and healthy diet.

Ensuring a healthy, well-balanced diet and following daily oral hygiene routine can help to avoid bad breath and bring them under control. Book an appointment with Dr. An and we shall guide you.

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