Exclusive Gold Restorations in San Mateo, CA

Exclusive Gold Restorations in San Mateo, CA

A typical scenario that would lead a dentist to recommend a dental filling would be due to the presence of cavities inside the tooth, the presence of which can harm the rest of our teeth in the long run.

Dentists will first perform a close examination of the dental setup with the help of small mirrors to determine the severity of your condition. Anything that appears seemingly abnormal will be taken for further tests and investigation, one of which includes a default X-ray check. The type of treatment that your dentist will recommend will depend on the severity of the damage.

What are dental fillings and why do you need them?

A dental filling is a restorative treatment that is used to convert a damaged and decayed tooth back to its normal functionality and shape. When dentists provide you with a filling, the decayed cavity is first removed and then the cleaned out cavity is inserted with a filling material. A filling is recommended for patients whose teeth have been damaged due to cavities or external trauma.

How does a filling help to restore the damaged teeth?

Once the decay is removed, the teeth will be brought back to its functionality with the help of a restoration. The restoration is in the form of a filling. There are several types of fillings such as Amalgam filling, Porcelain Fillings, Composite fillings, and Gold fillings. Most restorations can be fixed in a single appointment. There are others that may require two sittings.  A patient would require two appointments when the filling/restoration would need to be cast and milled in labs.

What are Gold restorations?

A typical Gold restoration is a combination of Gold and other metals. As we combine the properties of Gold and other metals, it adds more durability to the filling. A study has proved that gums are better accustomed to Gold fillings. Gold restorations are made in labs and are customized to fit teeth as per its exact impression. Lab technicians use the science behind the lost wax technique to extract the correct impressions taken from teeth. This technique will allow technicians to modify the shape of the filling when it is still in the wax stage. A wax pattern is made to fit your tooth, and then it is cast, polished, and cemented. 

Patients would require two sittings in order to get a Gold restoration. During the first visit, a proper examination is done to point out the site for the filling. Any decay or past fillings will be removed. The teeth will be cleaned, an impression of the cavity will be taken, and a temporary filling is placed.

The impression will then be sent to the lab where a stone cast is designed and prepared. This stone cast helps to design and build your filling without the need for the patient to be present. The lab makes a wax pattern, which is then cast into a gold restoration. As the patient returns for the second appointment, the gold restoration is cemented into place.

What are the advantages of Gold restorations?

Gold restorations are known to have several benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • Gold restorations are resistant to decay.
  • They have equal strength and durability as that of the enamel.
  • They have high resistance to stress or trauma.
  • They last longer than.

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